"The iSpire Community: Big Business Quality and Expertise for Small and Mid-Sized Businesses

Big Business IT relies on “economy of scale”. With large numbers of employees and huge budgets, big businesses can more easily afford the investment in expertise, processes and high-end IT systems. By being part of the iSpire community, smaller businesses can leverage the same economy of scale by sharing in the expertise and systems we provide to many clients."



If you’re an IT manager and need to improve the services you provide, or if you’re looking for specific technical skills and assistance with a big project, let us help.

iSpire works closely with existing IT departments by adding value where it’s needed, without introducing complications sometimes caused by outsourcing. Our interaction with you and your staff can be customized to meet your unique requirements.

Engineered IT Solutions - For special projects and new technologies, we can provide added resources by bringing technical knowledge and project management experience to the table. Learn more about out Engineered IT Solutions.

With iSpire ASSIST, you can gain partial or full access to iSpire Managed Services, giving you the right level of access to be able to perform tasks yourself.

The service is easily customized to meet the specific needs of your company. For example, if you need to improve the reliability of your systems but have limited staff, iSpire ASSIST can be customized to allow the following:

  • Application Inventory Access – All inventory management is fully automated but you may want to have direct access to review the inventory, schedule an update or run a report regarding a specific application.

  • Remote Control – Specific IT personnel may require remote access for support purposes to computers from either inside or outside your office.

  • Ticketing – Your own internal personnel can be the prime receivers of any support tickets. iSpire ASSIST will only receive tickets as assigned by your IT personnel, or tickets of a critical nature or specific type.

  • Monitoring – You may want ot have direct access to review the graphs and tables relate to SQL transactions or CPU usage on your computers but want iSpire ASSIST to handle the set-up, monitoring and normal response to events.