"The iSpire Community: Big Business Quality and Expertise for Small and Mid-Sized Businesses

Big Business IT relies on “economy of scale”. With large numbers of employees and huge budgets, big businesses can more easily afford the investment in expertise, processes and high-end IT systems. By being part of the iSpire community, smaller businesses can leverage the same economy of scale by sharing in the expertise and systems we provide to many clients."


Managed Services

Small businesses often can’t afford to hire their own IT staff. Small business owners can feel alone and even overwhelmed when dealing with technology.

For larger enterprises, when your IT department is committed to a special project, your day-to-day IT needs may suffer.

Rely on ispire Managed Services services to help you manage your ongoing IT needs.

The Concept

iSpire Managed Services is about preventative and proactive maintenance on your PCs and servers. Your systems will run better and last longer, with fewer surprise problems interrupting your business.

How does it work?

It’s easy. There are no additional servers, major software installations, firewalls, training or learning curves to deal with. To implement iSpire Managed Services, we simply install a small, zero-impact application on each of your PCs and servers. (In most cases this can be done from a single computer on your network.) Within seconds of installation, you’re connected to the iSpire Managed Services platform, and the benefits begin.

Is it secure?

Of course it is! The iSpire Managed Services solution is 100% iSpire. No component of our system or service is outsourced overseas or to outside companies. There are no new openings required in your firewall, and all communication is fully encrypted with the latest in 256-bit security.

Is it cost effective?

Yes. iSpire Managed Services is based on a monthly fee with various levels to meet the specific requirements of your business. Our monthly fee structure makes it easier to plan your budget with fewer surprise costs from system problems. Our high focus on preventative and proactive maintenance means we’re able to offer reliability to your systems that would otherwise require several hours each month from a visiting IT technician.

What’s included?

A lot! Here are some of the services offered through iSpire Managed Services:
  • Hardware and Software Inventory

    Within seconds of the client being installed, the system will perform a full audit of all hardware components, installed software, version information, connection information and statistical information such as available disk space. All of this information is rechecked on an ongoing basis and compared against a baseline to alert us when a change has happened or a potential problem exists.
  • Scripting

    Our scripting component allows us to perform several automated activities, such as spyware scanning, disk defragmentation, disk clean-up, software distribution, specialized data collection and distributed fixes. These services not only helping us to keep your systems running at top efficiency, but also to distribute those adjustments that are needed quickly and cost effectively.
  • Patch Management

    With the click of a button we can schedule a daily scan of your system in order to identify missing patches, such as Microsoft Security updates, Microsoft productivity updates and updates for common applications such as Adobe Reader. We then schedule these updates to happen through the night so there is minimal impact on your work day. Concerned about patching a machine? We can handle that as well. Because of the large number of patches that are made available every day, we take special care to minimize the possibility of a negative impact on your systems.

    • Patches are initially installed on a test group only, including a machine at your site to ensure there are no specific issues with applications that may be special to you.
    • For machines with special requirements, we isolate them in special groups and can identify that certain patches must not be installed (e.g. IE7) or that all patches must be installed manually.
    • For servers, we always test and install patches manually because of the critical nature of these machines.
  • Monitoring

    24 hours a day, 365 days a year, we stay permanently connected to your systems. 24-hour monitoring is a key component of addressing future problems before they happen. We monitor the following:

    • CPU - We monitor all server and client CPUs and alert when any machine goes above 85% utilization over a 10-minute period. We then take a snapshot of possible problems and generate an alert to address the issue.
    • >li>Disk Space - All disks are monitored and we alert when free space drops below 10%, or a pre-defined value for a specific server.
    • SQL Transaction Wait Time - We monitor components of your SQL database to identify possible performance issues.
    • SNMP Monitoring - Using “Simple Network Management Protocol” we can monitor your routers, switches, wireless devices and even printers.
    • Running Applications – If you have a special application or service that is consistently running, we can monitor, restart, alert or execute an automated action.
  • Remote Control

    If something goes wrong or manual tasks are required, we've got it covered. Using our fully-integrated remote solution we’re able to connect to your computers at a moment’s notice. We can see exactly what you’re seeing and avoid the often-confusing process of explaining an error over the telephone or having your business out of operation while you wait for a service tech to arrive.
  • Virus Protection

    Protection from viruses is not only key to your business, its key to ours. We use the best in virus protection. We also monitor your virus protection 24 hours a day to ensure that it’s functioning, updating and doing its job properly. When a virus occurs, we can review what it was and whether it was appropriately handled. As well, we can take proactive action with risky sites or when activities repeatedly occur.
  • Ticketing

    If you have a problem of a non-urgent nature or want to know the status of an issue, our integrated ticketing system is the answer. Every time we receive notification of a problem, either from you or our automated monitoring system, we open a ticket so we can appropriately record the problem and the steps that have been taken to resolve the issue.
  • Backup

    We perform three levels of backup with iSpire Managed Services. We monitor these backups daily to ensure that they are performing properly and take appropriate action when we see problems.

    • Client Backup - In most cases we encourage users to keep their data in a central, more reliable location on the server. Where this is impractical, we provide a solution that allows the data to be fully backed up from the client to the server or a shared storage area.
    • Server Backup - We perform multiple stages of server backup from hourly changes to daily incremental or weekly full backups to either disk or tape.
    • Offsite Backup - Every business has a few components of data that are simply crucial to their business such as accounting data or core application databases. For this data we utilize an offsite backup, transferring this information on a daily basis, securely across the internet to our secure off-site location.
  • Reporting

    Wondering about your Microsoft Licensing, what versions are installed of a specific piece of software or want to check trends in your internet traffic? We can easily provide this information on demand or on a scheduled basis for you. Each report can be delivered in PDF, Excel or Word format for your easy review.

To get started or to learn more about our iSpire Managed Services, get in touch with us today!